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Hunter Valley Vineyard review is a site to inspire people to venture to this beautiful part of the New South Wales, Australia.

Rob and Dave welcome you to our Website on The Hunter Valley Vineyards. The purpose of the website is to create, collate, and make available to you the Hunter Valley Vineyards experience so you know;

  • what to do,
  • what to eat and
  • where to stay

when you visit the Hunter Valley.


Rob Roth – Founder of Hunter Valley Vineyard Review

Hunter Valley Vineyard Review
Founder of Hunter Valley Vineyard Review is Rob Roth from Daclaw Digital.

Hi, my name is Rob, and I was very fortunate to have worked for a winery in the Hunter Valley many years ago. This experience helped me appreciate wine in a way I never thought possible. The difference in taste, smell, how it accompanied food to bring out the best for the meal, all contributed to my now love of wine.
But wine is not the only thing that drew me towards this scenic place, the generations of families which have been perfecting their art for decades, the landscape, the eateries, hot air ballooning just to name a few. You can just drive around and take in the beauty of the Hunter Valley and still be content. Stay for a weekend and try things you may not have ever done before.
There is so much to do, with so many options…. so where do you start.
This is why I wanted to share this page with you and I hope it helps you to have a wonderful time with friends or family.




David Glover – Co-owner of Hunter Valley Vineyard Review

hunter valley wine review
Co-owner of Hunter Valley Vineyard Review is David Glover from Bluegum Digital Marketing.

David Glover has a real soft spot for the Hunter Valley having lived there for a number of years. In fact he loves it so much he named his son after the Valley.

A digital engineer, Davids aim is to provide people with a website that has a great user experience, and provides the right information to people so that can achieve the best experience possible.








Enjoy and cheers
Rob and Dave